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I want you to believe in love like you believe in oxygen,

then stop looking to others to make your chest rise.

-Dakota Adan
Dakota Adan Author | Poet

"Dakota is a true poet and spiritual seeker. His words are a reflection of the truth that we can all see ourselves in. Be(Loved) is an invitation into the universal heart. I couldn't recommend this book enough."

-InQ, Poet





What started as a self-published passion project quickly blossomed into an Amazon Best-Seller, and is now being re-released September 15th 2020 with Andrews McMeel Publishing. This revised and updated version will include an entirely new chapter with over 40 new poems, as well as never before released artwork. Now available for preorder on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

An Honest Word


Philosophers and spiritual teachers have long known the secret to a meaningful life starts with an Philosophers and spiritual teachers have long inner voyage. Only once we have embarked on this epic journey inward, to recover who we were meant to be. Inside this journal you will discover over 120 pages of soul-searching questions designed to guide you on the journey. This journal, exists as a companion to the seeker, the dreamer, and the untamed and untapped humanity within us all.


It all begins, with an honest word.

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